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Phamous Phantom Ranch Stew

Breakfast cook: turn flat-top to #5/medium heat. Heat pan until hot. Add twenty pounds of cubed stew beef and simmer until liquid boils off and dark scum* forms.

Add: 6 coarse chopped onions
16 oz burgundy wine
16 oz. red wine vinegar
16 oz beef base
3 qts spring water
2 Tbs. fresh ground pepper
4 Tbs. garlic powder
4 Tsp. ground cloves
5 fresh bay leaves

Turn flat top down to 1 !!!!!!!

Dinner cook: turn flat top back to #5 after it has simmered all morning and then add following ingredients:

2 #10 cans green beans
1 #10 can carrots
3 #1 cans irish potatoes
1 #10 can whole corn

(A #10 can is approximately a one gallon can for practical purposes.)

Bring to a boil. Turn flat top to #1 once again and allow to cool. Thicken with corn starch. Stir into Stew. Keep at 160 degrees until serving time.

*This indeed, is the key ingredient and secret to good flavor!
This recipe is figured for 44 people. It has been served at Phantom Ranch for as long as anyone can remember (but not much earlier than 1972.)