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Links of interest to the Phantom Ranch Hiker

Phantom Ranch dot com Official Phantom Ranch web site. A new site and different things are being added at intervals. Has a great section on geology
Geology page Excellent Grand Canyon geology page with a nice "twist" and great cross section drawing.
Weather forecast for Grand Canyon Area Check out the forecast before you go: if nothing else it will be good for a laugh.
Unofficial Grand Canyon National Park Site Lots of goodies here, including lodging, backcountry info, and things to do around the area.
Official Grand Canyon National Park Site Lots of goodies, but not as many as in the unofficial site.
Aerial View of Phantom Ranch Do a search for Grand Canyon, AZ, and zoom in on Phantom Ranch.
Xanterra Web Site Those who control the reservations.
Grand Canyon Field Institute Non profit organization offering good stuff, professionally led teaching-based hikes in and around GC.
Phantom Ranch Weather Record Weather statistics for Phantom
Weather forecast for rim and inner canyon Nicely detailed weather site.
Web Cam Camera at Yavapai Point.
Sunrise, sunset Includes calculator that gives sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for several Cities. Maybe you can arrange a full moon hike.
NASA observatory Really cool 3-D images of the Corridor from space.

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